The Story Behind the Collection

Soft Goods by Ro Sham Beaux


Since launching Ro Sham Beaux in 2010, we have made every effort to bring an element of surprise to our clients. Soft Goods became an interest to Ann Yancy, Ro Sham Beaux's Founder and Chief Creative Officer when developing more furniture designs.


"This [soft goods] line started because I could not find what I wanted for my own home and there was a growing need to accessorize the furniture that Ro Sham Beaux began producing a few years back." - Ann Yancy 

The Creative Creation Process

The Original Sketch of The Caballo Pillow

The Caballo Lumbar Pillow

More Caballo


How do we take a concept and create a product?

All Ro Sham Beaux Original Designs begin on paper. 

Our Pillows were hand sketched and sent to the sewing house for sampling and production. 


Two-In-One Pillow Covers

Reversible Pillow Designs


Color and texture were key elements in the creation of this Soft Goods Collection. The Pillows are designed to be reversible (front + back). We want to bring our customer two looks in one pillow, combining opposing fabrics and colors for an eye-catching look.


The Original Sketch of the Capri Pillow + The Final Product

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