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The interior design community is about to be illuminated

by a radiant new collaboration between lighting virtuosos Ro Sham Beaux and renowned interior design firm Mabley Handler Interior Design. Making its debut on April 12, 2024, at High Point Furniture Market, TRANSFORMATIONS is a groundbreaking collection that marries innovative lighting design with a sense of elegant sophistication.


"As an artist, I view lighting as functional art pieces that make a statement and elevate an interior. They are the jewelry of the home, offering intriguing illumination and materiality," says Ann Yancy, Ro Sham Beaux's founder and principal designer.
"Ro Sham Beaux is just shy of its 15th year, and this collection is our inaugural design collaboration. I could not be more pleased to have found a wonderful partnership in Mabley Handler Interior Design, starting a new transformational chapter for Ro Sham Beaux."

The collaboration between Ann Yancy and Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler from Mabley Handler Interior Design started quite unexpectedly. Without any formal plans or appointments, Jennifer and Austin found themselves wandering into the Ro Sham Beaux showroom at High Point as the day was winding down.

In the warm and welcoming spirit that Ro Sham Beaux is known for, Ann greeted them with champagne, and it wasn’t long before they were all discussing the potential of a collaborative venture.


“It was a really fun moment, and we both just felt like we wanted to jump in and do this together,” added Jennifer Mabley, co-principal designer of Mabley Handler. “This collection is transformative for us, and we think it will be transformative for many people in the industry."
TRANSFORMATIONS presents an array of 25 SKUs featuring organic materials and glamorous, deco-inspired forms with a heavy dose of metropolitan elegance. The collection stands at the intersection of high design and the natural world, crafted from alabaster and pink quartz adorned in antique brass or polished nickel accents.

“The inspiration for our TRANSFORMATIONS collection was influenced by recent trips to Europe — specifically France and Italy — bringing us into metropolitan cities and in contact with architecture, art, design, and lighting both historic and modern,” said Austin. “Trips to the Paris Flea Market, and lighting galleries on the Left Bank, and travels throughout Italy, seeking out the incredible design resources there, absorbing everything we could in.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be from Ro Sham Beaux if it wasn’t bespoke. In the true spirit of customization, you are invited to personalize your pieces, selecting from an exclusive array of stone and resin, metal, and faux bois finishes. It celebrates the beauty of earth-derived materials fused with urban sophistication.

“Our lighting collection with Ann and Ro Sham Beaux was born out of our desire to collaborate with people and brands that we love because we feel that is the best way to harness the collective energy necessary to create beautiful things,” said Austin Handler.

“The fixtures in this collection have a cosmopolitan sophistication balanced with a natural refinement. They speak to our shared aesthetic vision of how great lighting brings nuance to our interiors while reflecting our design firm journey.”

"We first met Ann and her team when they launched Ro Sham Beaux at the New York Gift Show, and we immediately knew they were on to something special. Their light fixtures were both informed and gutsy—unlike anything else we'd seen," says Jennifer Mabley. “We always seek out the new and unexpected in our designs with a reverence for the past and artful forms, so this collaboration felt organic and exciting."

TRANSFORMATIONS presents an array of lighting solutions that embody the essence of both companies' aesthetics: the quintessential sophistication of Mabley Handler Interior Design with Ro Sham Beaux’s globally inspired take on nature. The beauty of TRANSFORMATIONS lies in its fusion of earth-derived elements with an urban edge — celebrating the raw luxury of nature elevated by modern refinement.

At its core, the TRANSFORMATIONS collection ushers in an aesthetic metamorphosis – fusing natural, organic textures with a distinctly cosmopolitan sophistication.

"It's modern with a little bit of the natural elements that are essential to our brand," Ann Yancy describes. "So that's kind of where the juxtaposition comes in. And I think it's going to be exciting for our buyer."

​​“TRANSFORMATION is, to me, a perfect name, perfect for every aspect of the story because it's about all of us and our personal growth and our company’s growth and expansion, too,” said Jennifer. “We're sort of in a new era. People are living without hesitation, with their creativity open and moving forward with what they think is right for now.”


“The creation of this lighting collection has been transformational for us, both personally and professionally... It’s an expression of our creativity, but it also comes at a time when we’re taking our business in new and exciting directions,” added Austin.

“We’ve expanded our firm, with offices back in New York City and now Palm Beach, and have been working on several large-scale projects in Manhattan. While we have built our reputation as experts in Hamptons/Coastal design, we’re now taking on more projects in the Palm Beach area and New York City, so our design business has truly transformed as well.”

The High Point showroom design for TRANSFORMATIONS will be equally transformative, providing an immersive backdrop to highlight the lighting.

"It's not going to feel like a showhouse or vignette...It's abstract, so the lighting can shine and be the focal point, but there'll be suggestions of a home," explains Jennifer about the minimalist, residential gallery vibe they're aiming to create with wallcoverings and textiles from The Vale London.

TRANSFORMATIONS offers a unique opportunity to bring the beauty of nature into modern living spaces. Crafted with a commitment to quality and cutting-edge design vision, this first-of-its-kind collection will illuminate interiors in an entirely new way for those who appreciate the art of transformation. More than just fusing styles, this collaboration celebrates the creative process through open exchange.

"It's just been lovely to get to know Jennifer and Austin—they're fun," Ann shares. The collaboration allowed both camps to combine their expertise, rooted in mutual trust and respect.

“I think the most successful collaborations emerge from a genuine connection, something we've felt with Ann for nearly a decade,” added Austin. “That’s what gave us the confidence to know that we could collaborate on something together — and be excited by the process and what we create.”

For design aficionados who appreciate transformation, this first-of-its-kind lighting collection is poised to illuminate interiors in a whole new way when it becomes available in Fall 2024 through Ro Sham Beaux showrooms and dealers across the U.S..

The Ro Sham Beaux Showroom unveiling TRANSFORMATIONS is located at 122 North Main Street, High Point, North Carolina.
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