Described as a fusion of Charleston, SC meets Venice Beach, CA, the east-meets-west style of Ro Sham Beaux merges high design with natural elements from around the world.  Hemp wrapped fixtures accented with antique brass or polished nickel.  Hand strung beads, selected from a curated collection of minerals such as lustrous crystals, textured quartz, and recycled glass.

These materials combine to give the collection their unique aesthetic.  As emulating functional art, our creations are designed with a casual luxurious element with durability and beauty in mind.

I'm inspired by the natural elements of the earth and sea. I tend to move toward elements that don't harm the environment, including hemp, steel, and natural stones.

The story of Ro Sham Beaux


Ro Sham Beaux has redefined the market in exceptional design through modern, traditional and bespoke lighting collections.  Raised in Asheville, NC, Principal Designer Ann Yancy studied sculpture, metal-smithing, and jewelry-making at the Portland School of Art.  After introducing her first lighting line in New York, she settled in Charleston, South Carolina to launch Ro Sham Beaux in 2010.

Husband Will Rogers soon joined the company with a curated line of furniture to round out the lighting collection.  The couple operate the company out of Charleston where they live with their two daughters.


Our collections reflect everything from the allurement of landscapes to the vibrant city streets.  The style is a culmination of travels as Ann has lived in Manhattan, Venice Beach, New Orleans, Paris and Italy. These cities have influenced a brand that blends timeless sophistication with a contemporary style.

The Company

Ro Sham Beaux designs can now be seen in the finest stores, homes and commercial spaces from South Hampton and Beverly Hills to the Cayman Islands.  We strive to create cutting edge designs while specializing in custom services, allowing clientele to personalize lighting for their own particular style and application.  Behind the label is a team of skilled artisans and savvy individuals who work alongside each other with purpose and enthusiasm. Each fixture is carefully designed with unparalleled attention to detail. Ro Sham Beaux’s talent remains in transforming earth derived materials with an ease of taste and style.

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