Have you heard of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, or seen homes in Palm Springs in the 60’s? Then you know what Mid Century Modern home décor looks like! This style is inspired by the architecture and urban development from the 1930’s through 1960’s, and is characterized by clean simplicity, while integrating nature and bringing the outdoor light inside.


Home designed by Donald Wexler in Palm Springs, CA

An iconic mid-century home displaying this style of décor is displayed in the film, The Graduate, inside Mrs. Robinson’s home. As shown in her home, the outside was incorporated into the living room with giant windows, and simple furniture with different textures. Ann is specifically inspired by Mrs. Robinson’s home décor, due to its perfect depiction of mid-century interiors. Mrs. Robinson’s house incorporates hanging steel light fixtures against black and white, similar to Ann’s designs at Ro Sham Beaux.


We can picture our Robo nickel chain hanging as a divider in Mrs. Robinson’s home and is a fun addition to our staircase at our retail store. Our brown leather chairs are available in store for $539 each, we added a Trina Turk home 60’s inspired orange flower pillow, $149. Trina Turk is a fashion/lifestyle designer who is heavily influenced by Palm Springs style and we love carrying her pillows in store.


Just remember that mid-century pieces are developed for spacious areas, with many geometric designs in the architecture and décor. For more on mid-century modern design read the book, “Midcentury Modern: Furniture of the 1950s”, by Cara Greenberg. This book is the base of the contemporary trend for home décor, conveying the verve, imagination and the occasional pure zaniness of the period that Ann is so inspired by.